Dave Phillips
Bass and Vocals

Dave wanted to play in a band because he is ugly and thought it was the only way he could score chicks! So he started playing bass at around 13 because his parents wouldn’t buy him a drum kit.

He joined a metal band at 16 which toured New Zealand (yes Dave is a Kiwi) and played a few festivals. Further study in his craft ultimately led to him playing in numerous touring bands which included backing Neil Finn.

8 million bands later and a five year stint gigging around Europe, Dave found himself in Sydney where he has reached the pinnacle of his careerlanding the slot as the bass player for Under Wraps.

Dave can also screech out a tune on vocals and has done sound for many a top NZ artist, so we feel he is competent enough to do sound for Under Wraps.

He loves "down and dirty, meat and potatoes rock’n’roll" and tends to adopt a similar lifestyle.

Dave still hasn’t scored any chicks